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a leading manufacturer of valves for severe applications

VOLK Ball Valve I Metal Seated Ball valves Features:

  • Zero Leakage
  • Double Stem Blow out Protection
  • Reliable packing gland design and the use of Belleville springs provide long lasting, maintenance-free, stem packing seal and tightness.
  • Isolated Body Cavity
  • Quarter Turn Valve
  • Application of HVOF Coatings
  • Inconel 718 Belleville Spring
  • Belleville Spring Guide Sleeve

As the flagship of VOLK FLOW CONTROLS, INC., the Zero Leakage Metal Seated Ball Valves are widely used in power plants where tight shutoff is needed under high temperature and high pressure operations.
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VOLK Valves Catalog
VOLK Valves API 6D Catalog
VOLK Valves API 6D Catalog (SI Units)